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Pranks Gone Wrong, Funny Fails Compilation 2017
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  • Moonpie Spotlight 10 months ago

    most of these are fake pranks gone wrong

  • Alpha Wolf 125871 10 months ago

    Rip Megan

  • Dheeraj Kumar 10 months ago

    3:35 wtf happened to justin beibers voice?

  • Edward Knight 10 months ago

    Some of these are staged af

  • Rage Against The Machine 10 months ago

    Almost killed the girl with her birthday cake. Lift her head up idiots.

  • Amber Rote 10 months ago

    None of these were funny!! but that baby is so adorable with his big blue eyes!! It's not adorable that his mom scared him twice.

  • Arshaan Khan 10 months ago

    3:13 r I p for headphone users

  • Captain Potato Turtle 10 months ago

    Does the F***ing guy know how hard it is for women’s down there to recover from things!? I hate that dude!

  • richinmt1 10 months ago

    Definition of a prank; A practical joke or mischievous act. Most of what you copied off the internet was nothing short of malicious, and bordering on criminal.

  • E.M.R.G. 10 months ago

    God pranks are so set up is not even enjoyable fake as hell

  • Morgan Peter 10 months ago

    "Why do you guys overreact about everything here?"
    "You just tried to rob me you stupid bitch"

  • Stop lifting her by her fucking hair!!!! The restaurant dude is a fucking idiot!

  • Katy Rivera 10 months ago

    What kind of friends get you panties and shit

  • Dzamn Clooney 10 months ago

    Dude at 10:09 is an idiot, cuz if she woulda rocked that it would mean he's about to handle that shit…what a tard.

  • Dzamn Clooney 10 months ago

    Definition of soft: Gettin knocked out by a pillow

  • Zafirul 360 10 months ago

    5:20 fake shit

  • Nekeptas GT 10 months ago

    6:18 wtf that guy still eats a cake lul

  • PALLAVI GANGULY 10 months ago

    Sooo Cute baby

  • I am Noone 10 months ago

    I don’t think they were celebrating Meghan’s birth.

  • I am Noone 10 months ago

    I think that was Meghan’s last birthday.