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  • Irwan Zirwanda 1 month ago

    I'm getting tired of superheroes movies. I wish Hollywood make more action comedy movies like this…

  • Patrick Byas 1 month ago


  • Marcoantonio Castro 1 month ago


  • ginger fox 1 month ago

    Kate McKinnon actually is my spirit animal 😂😍

  • Debrian * 1 month ago

    Its a wonder they can ever finish a film

  • Erika 1 month ago

    I saw the film 😍😍
    Hahah It's ver y funny

  • i'm here for Kev Adams lmao

  • Jennifer Coleman 1 month ago

    They need to do more movies together. They are great together

  • E-MAN 1 month ago

    Not very funny

  • Who cares who I am 1 month ago

    And Mila broke so much, it's hilarious

  • Who cares who I am 1 month ago

    5:15 That was such a mum's reflex! Adorable

  • Who cares who I am 1 month ago

    What does Mila says at 0:51?

  • Matt YRR 1 month ago

    3:30 I'm just getting my mits ready! LMFAO I died hahahaahaha

  • Lázaro Murad 1 month ago

    That scene where Kate is in a library was FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!!

  • Merchant 1 month ago

    Milas laugh is just to fucking good

  • DynaMike 1 month ago

    6:43 this is the look of a man who is trying desperately to contain his erection.

  • Bridget Darby 1 month ago

    Bruh the movie was hilarious because of Kate McKinnon she is fukin ha

  • iconictvmoments 1 month ago

    Mila automatically wiping off Kate's drool is freaking adorable

  • Extra-Ordinary 1 month ago

    Mila 😍😍😍

  • Natalia Sikora 1 month ago

    I’m so happy for Sam Heughen. He’s my Outlander baby