All funny moments and dialogues in God of War 4.

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happy wheels 2 demo

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  • Flame runner12 5 months ago

    That thumbnail will give me nightmares for days.

  • Reckless_- Link 5 months ago

    Should've done that part when Baldur says "and here I thought my family was fucked up"

  • sharkfinbite 5 months ago

    I didn't realize this but the game has characters with American accents in there… and it blends in…. XD!
    Most of the time when media makes stuff like this everyone sounds like they are from the U.K. even if the people are not from there. It annoys me.

  • Neil the ass titan 5 months ago

    I want an opportunity to say "I can feel it in me scrote"

  • stinky Ass 5 months ago

    Im too broke to buy a console

  • no name 5 months ago

    Brok is the best

  • Jessica Colon 5 months ago

    0:16 so true

  • Ben Zombie 5 months ago

    "I can feel it in my scrote"

  • The God Of Games 5 months ago

    I came here because of the thumbnail kratos smile was lovely

  • Kratos 5 months ago

    That thumbnail is Kratos knowing that I will be buying the next god of war when it comes out.

  • Ruben Garcia 5 months ago

    "Boy, read this. Boy, WHAT'S that say!? Only time you want to talk to me is when you need…"

  • Jason Wang 5 months ago

    The best part was when Freya asked Kratos does he knows where to heal the BOI, he said not this one

  • belinda hawkins 5 months ago

    Fierce funny
    Funny ruined by the profanity and innuendo of Brok

  • Erdem K. 5 months ago

    Kratos: I am going to cut off your head now
    Mimir: Fair enough….

  • Captain Vince 5 months ago

    i'd name my beast Fucking Gratitude

  • VoLtAgE _1453 5 months ago

    Sindri is the greatest ever lmao

  • Specified Account 5 months ago

    that thumbnail is a cursed image

  • Natalie 5 months ago

    I really like this game 😆

  • The leopard Gecko lover 5 months ago

    2:05 ok

  • King Belial 5 months ago

    The moment i saw that HORRIFYING thumbnail, I can feel it in my scrote. Ragnarok is coming.