Funny How Time Slips Away – Glen Campbell & Willie Nelson
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  • Squee Dow 3 days ago

    This isn't Glen's guitar work. He doesn't squeak his fingers across the strings. That's why I love listening to him play guitar. I can't stand that squeaking sound.

    But, OMG! How I love that voice!

  • Leo K 3 days ago

    I Swear.

  • Andrew Reynolds 3 days ago

    R.I.P Glen campbell a true musical legend, not many left now who can really play and deliver such stunning performances, willie Nelson is another example of this breed that has that something special the artists of today just don't have.

  • Hello Hello 2019 3 days ago


  • Robert Schreiber 3 days ago

    Adios, Glenn. 🙁 It's been a GREAT ride. I'm only 50….. never seen your show, on T.V. but, YOU stood with the Duke. Neither of of you Saw what was behind you.
    MAN! the guys wanting your lessons! I asked one of my customers, to take a hug, to your girls. DAMN! AIN'T! This song a tear-jercker?

  • John Gordon 3 days ago

    See you around TIME SLIPS AWAY JOHN

  • john citizen 3 days ago

    Glenn and I go back to 1956… what fantastic talent he was!

  • Pam Collins 3 days ago

    So sad we lost Glen Campbell, love his music and in particular this song and played it many times, special memories

  • V Alaudae 3 days ago

    So appreciate the uploading of this fine song. Listened to it so many times. It’s perfect.

  • Dan63 3 days ago


  • susan siegismund 3 days ago

    I love this…

  • lenny lobstar 3 days ago

    Beautiful piano.

  • Peter Williamson 3 days ago

    We miss you down here in New Zealand but will keep your songs and memories alive. RIP Glen.

  • Mike Burns 3 days ago

    My goodness….

  • ROY bean 3 days ago

    adios cowboy,, in heaven now looking down

  • Bradley Frames 3 days ago

    Yes Willie !

  • John Gordon 3 days ago

    MY TIME …….

  • Janet Larson 3 days ago

    Love love this duet

  • V Alaudae 3 days ago

    Kept the best till last. Wow!

  • Robert Neil Ambroise 3 days ago

    This is so sad for me But I will sing and let everyone hear Your voice in songs Robert Neil a artist who you inspired