There is nothing more satisfying than successfully pranking someone.

Whether it’s your classmates, family or friends, the look on their faces makes every minute spent planning worth it.

We’ve selected the greatest and most epic pranks, large and small. Gather some inspiration with these tricks, and share your best prank in the comments below.

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  • •{Anahi Playz Roblox}• 6 days ago

    Lol at 6:48 the girl poses lol

  • Gopal Majumdar 6 days ago

    You are soooooooooo bad people ever

  • Aada Lauren 6 days ago

    I'm am definitely trying the Saran wrap one😁😂

  • Nowsheen Tarek 6 days ago

    There are sand worms at the beach

  • shaffik John 6 days ago

    Omg the water is soo blue behind them 😍😍😍😍 and vicky is soo funny😂😂😂

  • maciej sobiechowski 6 days ago

    123 go you arę the bets

  • Aubrey Loraine Blythe 6 days ago

    Pranks are so funny and SAVAGE!!!!🤣🤟🏻

  • RamenStar- Gaxha 6 days ago

    Selling free re play buttons!!
    Enjoy xD

  • RamenStar- Gaxha 6 days ago

    0:46 I did that to my camp counselor and she did a backflip .0.

  • Abrianna Harris 5 days ago

    "Olivia" has some SERIOUS heat damage, it's conserning

  • Kylee T 5 days ago

    I love your video

  • its gezzie mya 5 days ago

    The girl who was talking the hole Time said that fries were bad word good

  • Alishba Dadabhoy 5 days ago

    The first one ;-;

  • Jo Durnall 5 days ago

    Hahaha very funny vicky

  • XxSuper FoxesxX 5 days ago

    Who’s won comment mum or dad

  • _ astrid_ 5 days ago

    I think the girl who does the voice is Helen/helly AKA: girl with pink bra at beach

  • Hana Vuković 5 days ago

    Im dead

  • Dhanya M 5 days ago

    Plz upload new vedios vicky love you

  • David Sweeney 5 days ago

    The girl who got scared to 20 erou 1 shes a man

  • catherine kate abanes 5 days ago

    I hate olivia in real life