As much as might not like to admit it, Homer and Marge have made love… At least 3 times! Subscribe to our channel:

Homer and Marge Simpson have definitely had their ups and downs in marriage — but the loving couple have often found ways to get intimate — both in and OUT of the bedroom. See how much yellow-skin the network is able to reveal on The Simpsons as Homer and Marge embark through thirty seasons of love-making in an effort to keep their marriage strong and stay connected.

Watch to see some of the craziest scenes between the two — including some early season surprises, Treehouse of Horror episodes, and some times where Homer crosses the line and almost connects with other woman. Want a whole episode dedicated to Homer and Marge rekindling their romance?! Well, then check out the season nine finale “Natural Born Kissers”. When Bart and Lisa go away for the summer at “Kamp Krusty”, Homer and Marge realize how much free time they have at the house. There are also scenes from the Simpsons movie where the animators get away with showing a lot more on the big screen so watch, enjoy, and relive all of these classic moments!


“Natural Born Kissers”
“The Last Temptation of Homer”
“Kamp Krusty”
“One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish”
The Simpsons Movie
“A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love”
“Bart of Darkness”
“Some Enchanted Evening”
“Grandpa vs. Sexual Inadequacy”
“Treehouse of Horror XII – The Island of Dr. Hibbert”

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