Witches are a pain in the ass

HD PLEASE + not mention the song please c:

This came of Klaus-protective-brother-Mikaelson 😀 it was so funny to me that i had to do a humor video xD

So I Hope you like it 😀 and don’t forget to share it in everywhere and Suscribe! 😀

Fandom: The Originals
Song: – ask me
Coloring: LoveSucksManiac
Program: Sony Vegas 12

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  • Anna Blake 2 hours ago

    For everyone wondering: The song's Bom bom (Instrumental) by Sam and the womp 🙂

  • OH MY GOD 1:16

  • xkeirax Best 1 hour ago

    Oh bloody hell

  • MidnightWolf 1 hour ago

    They’re all seriously weird and stupid and funny irl

  • Tamilka BubbleGum 45 mins ago

    God I lie that man

  • Annadxscent 36 mins ago

    I stopped watching when cami died-

  • Ratika Khadka 17 mins ago

    The way klaus says ass is the best way ever

  • XCaitlynX 51 mins ago

    Klaus is the best 😍

  • Quake: The destroyer of worlds 1 hour ago

    The way Klaus is standing in the thumbnail I can’t! I am wheezing!

  • Random Potato 2 hours ago

    “You know when I first met you I thought you were a real bitch”

    “What made you change your mind?”

    “Oh I dint I just grew to like that about you”


  • games and co lol 3 hours ago

    Omg his accent 😍🤣

  • Jojo of Faraway 3 hours ago

    Flawless editing!

  • Curly Cutie Petunia 3 hours ago

    0:30 The level of sass as he turns around 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Artic Manzzz 4 hours ago

    Legend says Ron’s spirit lurks in the Mikaelsons family

  • Funny Bunny Karlsson 5 hours ago

    :Young, old, dead or alive witches are a pain in the ass:
    Who agree that Klaus can turn every word into a joke😘😂

  • Bespoleznyy 6 hours ago

    0:27 if they didn't burn and kept the picture they took. Hope would've been happy to have it

  • maria Armenta angarita 6 hours ago

    Oh Bloody Hell👨🏼🐺❤🔥

  • Savvy Loves her cat 7 hours ago

    1:47 is everything

  • kat Lunn 7 hours ago

    I thought I smelt Swamp – can agree I always hated Jackson

  • Angel Jackson 7 hours ago

    @0:30 had me dead