Steve Harvey asks dog questions and gets some funny answers from Family Feud contestants in reply!
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  • Anonymoose Mustang 11 hours ago

    Steve thinking this lady gonna have her dog licking her other lips ☠️☠️

  • 619 4 life 11 hours ago

    Look at that ass at 1:20 on the green.

  • BO chiraz 11 hours ago

    Follow me on Instagram please thanks "shiflossin"

  • Jacquelyn Goad 10 hours ago

    The family, with the young pregnant lady, in yellow, has been on YouTube a LOT!

  • Jacquelyn Goad 9 hours ago

    The family, with the young pregnant lady, in yellow, has been on YouTube a LOT!

  • William D 9 hours ago

    1047 was kind of a kinky answer rrrrrr lol would love to give them lips of hers a lot of attention if she was my gal 😉

  • Shail Shah 9 hours ago

    Olivia – she HOT !

  • Ricardo sam 8 hours ago

    Love to get app so I can play

  • Ricardo sam 8 hours ago

    Yes is face lot more then is mouth brilliant

  • John Horsburgh 8 hours ago

    8:03 perfume, really?

  • Michael Murray 8 hours ago

    Don't know many guys that take their wife out for a walk. They might get a few looks if they put her on a collar and a leash. lol

  • RK Slither 7 hours ago

    the buzz on the women at the start is bullshit.

  • mestre12 7 hours ago

    Who come up with viagra question?

  • Blueberryymuffin 6 hours ago

    Your leg/ sexy hairy ones 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • LastGod Standing 6 hours ago

    It's so satisfying to watch when they start clapping and say "good answer" but it's not and then they get it wrong X.

  • Sandra Huggins 5 hours ago

    Her big lips,lol

  • rodrigo antonio 5 hours ago

    was i the only one who went to see the comment searching for " they didn't gave her 3 seconds"

  • linda johnson 4 hours ago


  • Matt McPherson 3 hours ago

    That was not 3 seconds. What the hell is wrong with them

  • Tiffany Bee 3 hours ago

    Steve.exe has stopped working