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  • Johnny Le 8 months ago

    How naruto rubs the bed after getting slapped. How sai gets shivers over his whole body after getting slapped. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tony Hu 8 months ago

    What episode/arc is this, I don't remember it at all

  • random potato 8 months ago

    Naruto dab in thumbnail

  • Drake Dragneel 8 months ago

    im a fan of naruto believe it!!!!!!

  • *alice* 8 months ago

    I love their reactions lol
    Kiba: "What's new?"
    Shino: "Bruh"
    Neji: "They probably deserved that"
    Hinata: "Naruto-kun 😔"
    Shikamaru: "Dafuq?"
    Tenten: "err..really?"
    Lee: "The power of youth!"
    Ino: "omg a naked hot guy"
    Choji: "What happened while I was eating?"

  • Deku Hazugaki 8 months ago

    Naruto dabed

  • Sakura definitely held back 99.9% of her power in those slaps. I'm certain she would had destroyed the wall, no the building at the same time killing Naruto and Sai, if she went all out. 😂

  • Abhishek Puthran 8 months ago

    Sakura using 9 tail jinchuriki as punching bag 😂

  • FrostyMcFreeze 8 months ago

    3:27 “You really had a dark childhood”

    Lmao like you’re one to talk Naruto.

  • Shawn Black 8 months ago

    How is it Naruto fault he got hit by the moster

  • Fabian Gonzalez 8 months ago

    Acá tenemos la prueba,Naruto inventó el dub

  • Fabian Gonzalez 8 months ago

    Acá tenemos la prueba,Naruto inventó el dub

  • Minuto 8 months ago

    I don’t why but I’m not a Sai fan

  • Cytus 8 months ago

    Naruto doing that mf dab in the thumbnail 😤😤😤👌👌👌

  • Pain Tendo 8 months ago

    So funny

  • Kito Yato 8 months ago

    It looks like Naruto's doing a dab in the thumbnail

  • Yasmin Yusof 8 months ago

    Sakura is just like Kushina😍😍😍

  • Madara Uchiha 8 months ago

    "Oh, my I.V"

  • Alie Idriz Nasution 8 months ago

    What episode

  • Just a Regular person 8 months ago

    a michael jackson add Went on So I watch that … then It was night time so i couldn't watch it BUT GOOD THING I SAW IT CAUSE I WATCHED THE ANIME :))))))))))