NFL Funniest Moments of All-Time

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  • Coleman Productions Highlights 1 week ago

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  • Brandon Collum 1 week ago

    It’s called duck, duck grey duck in Minnesota. Get it right!

  • R6 4Lyfe 1 week ago

    0:46 now that's what I call playing dirty

  • Lorne Behrend 1 week ago

    wasn't that the UFC fighter MacGregor?

  • King Cheeseburger 1 week ago

    2:45 Those voice cracks got me laughing my ass off.

  • B Noone 1 week ago

    Wtf is Winston on about

  • Konstantin Donner 1 week ago

    I hope big seamen lands on you good luck out there.

  • Rones Susej 1 week ago

    2:24 nobody gonna say anything about this 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  • John Dough 1 week ago

    Beckham, Jr. is the most obvious CFL caliber player in the NFL ever. He is a lock for the CFL Hall of Fame.

  • Double You 1 week ago

    That voice crack……

  • Ch1tbag 1 week ago

    2:48 sometimes puberty hits a little late…

  • Brayden King 1 week ago

    The famous but fumble is too much

  • Glenn Davis 1 week ago

    Odell Beckham ALWAYS cringe worthy. 7:02

  • bob barker 1 week ago

    Jamis Winston was cringe

  • Carolle Regnard 1 week ago

    I really like watching football. 💛

  • Andrew Talamantes 1 week ago

    “DIgUsTiNg aCt By rAnDy mOsS” shut up Buck

  • Holy shit, it's a talking muffin 1 week ago

    Joe Buck needs to stfu

  • Josiah Jones 1 week ago

    "The chest hair IS mine"

  • Arathor82 1 week ago

    Fun fact, W's are high in protein.

  • Alexander Peak 1 week ago

    7:30 lol dude acts like he ACTUALLY mooned these ppl, bein a little dramatic there man hahaa