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happy wheels 2 demo

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  • THIS IS L&S 51 mins ago


  • keisheeiii 5 mins ago


  • Gee Love 39 mins ago

    She is way prettier then Catherine

  • ella j 1 hour ago

    what was the text thoooo 😭😭

  • Amwan’s Vlogs 1 hour ago

    We all love you Shyla xx

  • Lisa Thomson 2 hours ago

    Thankgod that you all are safe

  • Minenhle minnie 2 hours ago

    I really like Shyla and hate that people have such dumb things to say about such a nice person.. Love from South Africa❤💛

  • MU Kimmy 2 hours ago

    I love your dad he’s so great and funny😂😂

  • Cousin and me Godwin 2 hours ago

    I love y’all so much you are my favorite YouTubers in the world

  • Savannah Gomez 2 hours ago

    Oh no poor Shyla 😂😂😩 but yea Landon has to get Shyla back 😂😂

  • Lauren Martinez 3 hours ago

    It’s so sweet that Shyla stayed respectful when she read that text message (whatever it said) I know some girls who probably would have talked mad shit. She truly does love them

  • rahma haabazoka 4 hours ago

    Oh my God I can’t believe I cried. I felt so bad for her

  • Kameron Pimentel 4 hours ago

    It would be awesome to do a prank on Landens dad like he’s very famous in every day that he’s out have a couple people go up to him say he your house to Landens dad right? Can I have your signature can we take a picture of you and every day add more people so that he doesn’t notice like it’s a prank you know oh my god that would be awesome I would love to see that one since he says that he doesn’t want to be famous on the phone to you Landon LOL

  • M_behi 20 5 hours ago

    the thing that makes this look more staged, is the fact that she's wearing make up at home…like full on make up, as if she's ready to film. Unless she's the type to have makeup on 24/7?

  • Kelly Arroyo 6 hours ago


  • Cityana Menisa 6 hours ago

    She’s left handed! LEFTIES WHERE YOU AT?

  • Elizabeth Martin 6 hours ago

    I hate u haterssssss

  • Tianna Dunne 7 hours ago

    Luv your phone cases

  • I love popps

  • Jazzmine Basulto 8 hours ago

    Pops getting the views