Lucifer Humor | Mr. Morningstar Funniest Moments

Hello everyone! This video compilation contains spoilers from the first through the fourth season of Lucifer. I personally love the series. Mr. Morningstar most definitely has some witty and funny moments. I will definitely be watching the fifth season when it comes around. Hope you all enjoy 🎬😍


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Tom Ellis:

Lucifer using the word ‘Detective’ a Lot:
Mazikeen Demon Moments (Part 1):
Mazikeen Demon Moments (Part 2):

Lucifer is an American urban fantasy police procedural comedy-drama television series developed by Tom Kapinos. The series focuses on Lucifer Morningstar, the Devil, who is bored and unhappy as the Lord of Hell.

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  • Nelson 15 hours ago

    Lucifer be like……….


  • UniCorn FaMily 14 hours ago

    Detective = “she likes you”


    (Lucifer looks at detective)

    Lucifer = “of course she dose— what’s not to like”

    (Lucifer walks away)

    I can’t 😂😂

  • Blake Paris 14 hours ago

    Lucifer Humor

  • Blake Paris 14 hours ago


  • Joseph Nichols 14 hours ago

    Tom Ellis's next project after "Lucifer" should be a live action "Archer". He would be perfect for that character.

  • Grace Cookie 14 hours ago

    Oh dear I've worn my orgy pants to work. Perfect

  • SATAKSHI PAL 14 hours ago

    Lucifer: there is some chocolate cake in it for u
    Little girl: I want cash 😎
    Lucifer: oh I like ur style🤣😂

  • Kalia 13 hours ago


  • Lucifer morningstar 12 hours ago

    What is it you desire?

  • Cole Erickson 11 hours ago

    Was really hoping you would add the scene where Lucy is banging on the window when the demons take over the rappers body saying, "detective, detective WHY DIDNT YOU CALL ME"

  • Princess Tita Dean 11 hours ago

    I just started rewatching Merlin on Netflix and just realized Tom Ellis plays an evil King 😂😂

  • Amelia Andreas 10 hours ago

    What do I desire

  • Nelli Forgács 9 hours ago

    What's episode 6:24?

  • Midia Mutsvangwa 9 hours ago

    Lucy is a bae…l love this show

  • Nightmare Studios YT 8 hours ago

    I wanna be freinds with this guy

  • Curl Demon 7 hours ago

    Oh dear I wore my orgy pants to work

  • Louniel Nale 7 hours ago

    He is about to laid down the girl unsatisfied. 😱 😂

  • SohiHien 6 hours ago

    LMFAO when he almost pushes Ella into the grave!

  • Hope Sparrow 5 hours ago

    Season 5

  • David Lewis 4 hours ago

    He plays it like an evil Julian clary…I would love to know if that’s true