Watch what happened when we haunted some of Enfield’s finest estate agents.

In 1977 a small house in Enfield, London made newspaper headlines worldwide.

It would become the most documented paranormal event ever recorded in the UK with thirty eyewitnesses, all observing one truly terrifying story.

Catch The Enfield Haunting – a brand new three-part drama coming soon to Sky Living.

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  • kateofthecity 17 mins ago

    I don't know. I saw a video, and these people did it betterrr… :3

    I don't know if it's a British thing or what, but American horror movies seem scarier. Here are a few tips:

    -Y'all can't just say, "oh, this house belonged to my brother who sadly passed away." You might as well wiggle your fingers and go, "oooooo!" 😀 (It makes the topic presented seem forced. Now, I understand you need to set a mood… but on the other hand… try getting a house that's close to, oh say… a graveyard, or the deep, dark woods… that alone is enough to cause a guest's mind to wander on the subject of death… on their own).

    -Don't say, "I'm going to have to take a look on your own." That implies you want them alone. What for? A guest might ask themselves.

    -Finally, don't make those boxes at 1:19 look so immaculate. At least put labels and dirty tape on them, rather than "general" moving supplies. It makes it look like you want the guests to know it's a set, or something.

    Other than that, I'm impressed that you couldn't see any rigging underneath that chair at when he kicked it over. :3

  • Anmol Kumar 38 mins ago


  • Glen Miles 1 hour ago

    That guy who kicked the chair then screamed!😂😂😂

  • sunny sim 2 hours ago

    Need more of these ones.

  • Johnny shaver 3 hours ago

    My house is haunted

  • gatcha veronica 3 hours ago

    Ghost:am I a joke to you?!😠😒

  • walid karim 4 hours ago

    2:02 Ah Hey …. Hello

  • Elham mossad 5 hours ago

    Wow is that teenager a real estate agent? I'm impressed.

  • Jenn Hebbert 5 hours ago

    this is hilarious!

  • Leben Tode 6 hours ago

    Haha these fucking white people

  • sunny sim 7 hours ago

    Watching again; my favourite. Please put more up like this x

  • IHave NoIdeaWhatIAmDoing 8 hours ago

    if my hose was haunted: soon as I see, hear, or smell something fishy, I’m legit, OUT.

  • Caren Kertia 8 hours ago

    Is it only my imagination or the first person IS actually Dylan O'Brien 😂

  • Doydle Turnip 8 hours ago

    I'm fucking crying. The dude who kicked over the chair and screamed.. oh my fucking god

  • sonnypop 691 9 hours ago

    Hehehe its nice to do this but make sure we don't cause any heart attack hehehe. I like it tho

  • sathish sharma 9 hours ago

    LOL ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Luke Aarons 10 hours ago

    The guy at 2:34 is kind of hot

  • Gucci gang Family 11 hours ago

    I would move

  • Robert Lee, Countertenor 11 hours ago

    That poor young tall dude…

  • En Jajaja 12 hours ago

    Even tho I can't move out I'm moving out if my house was haunted