Halloween prank on friends gone too far
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It’s that time of the year..HALLOWEEN! Halloween is the time when we do pranks on this channel! Usually the pranks we pull are on eachother, but this year we wanted to pull a prank on our friends. The prank not only succeeded, but it may have went a little too far and gone wrong… watch full video to hear why we had to apologize. #Halloween #Prank

Home Invasion Prank on my Twin Sister:

If you see this, comment “those iceskates tho LOL”
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means 😉

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  • ComfyKxtie 1 week ago

    why does everything go too far for them-

  • Lucie Dart 1 week ago

    Where's the home inavtion pran i cant find it?

  • Taylor Smith 1 week ago

    Why haven't I seen this home invasion prank?? Why does the link not work?

  • Aicha DJ 1 week ago

    Anyone her 2019??

  • Fast Cat 1 week ago

    Uses ice skates and a butter knife for protection
    I'm safe :^

  • Ellie Marie 1 week ago

    omg they’re so annoying it was such a good prank, they need to lighten up and laugh a little

  • Redd Foxx 1 week ago

    Girls do not apologize your friends are so weak it definitely was not that scary

  • MissGoddess UniverseYan 1 week ago

    Hahaaaa. Good prank

  • Shelly Grant 1 week ago

    Did gabi just fall down the stairs!!!

  • •Hannah McDaniel• 1 week ago

    Billie and Ariana 😂😍😘

  • Megan Blackburn 1 week ago

    This was AMAZING!!!! Loved it! 💜💜

  • Alexis Marshall 1 week ago

    wasn’t taken far enough lol

  • Nora Berg 1 week ago

    This place is hunted😂

  • mel was here 1 week ago

    Those iceskates LOL

  • hcneypink :] 1 week ago

    i wanna have friends that prank me like this. all their friends are too dramatic lol

  • hcneypink :] 1 week ago


  • Roisin Donnelly 1 week ago

    Am I the only one who was so scared but knew it was a prank😂😁

  • Haley Dawn 1 week ago

    Why did you delete the home invasion prank!?!??!?!

  • Sisters Forever 1 week ago


  • Please do more pranks on each other i love those types of videos:)