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Funny Pranks on People for October | AFV’s Funniest Prank Videos 2018

#pranks are one of #americas favorite and #funniest pastimes, and we’ve got all our favorites here for October. Someone actually gives their kid broccoli instead of candy 😂 LOL! What’s the most #savage prank you’ve experienced?

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  • Luke Brown 2 weeks ago


  • ЭроводолейЯ 2 weeks ago

    Ебанутый народ

  • Epixgamer 2 weeks ago

    00:22 I would actually like that

  • Butchoy Butchoy 2 weeks ago

    5:36 y'all might be wonderin where you got your arachnophobia from.. you're welcome..🤣

  • B Tab 2 weeks ago


  • AestheticGames ‘ 2 weeks ago

    7:37 is the thumbnail it only cost a like 🙂

  • Amelia Rosalina Blackblood The Hedgehog 2 weeks ago

    This is so funny

  • The DavisSisters 2 weeks ago

    He stuck the 🖕 up at 0:43 😂🤣

  • EyesOnJess 2 weeks ago

    10:07 that room has really good lighting tho

  • A Cleric Name Femboi 2 weeks ago

    The chucky reaction is 101% justified

  • Mental illness 2 weeks ago

    13:10 who saw that kid hit

  • Rasl87 Sua 2 weeks ago


  • 9:45 guy pulled out faster than my dad outa the driveway

  • FazeFazbear X 2 weeks ago


  • Team Pugs 2 weeks ago

    8:05 I only focused on Frozen

  • QRS3C273 2 weeks ago

    11:23 I did that once too 😂😂😂

  • Lil Rustler 2 weeks ago

    At 44 I saw the middle finger

  • i dunnowordz 2 weeks ago

    Thank God I broke my wrist or I would have not watch this my mom is babysitting the kid 4:42

  • Thomas Klaue 2 weeks ago

    Der Dreckbratze bei 5:15 würde ich so den Arsch versohlen das der 2 wochen nicht sitzen kann. Und wenn er dann anfängt zu schreien noch mal von vorne damit er weiß warum er sich welche eingefangen hat.

  • master_hack 123 2 weeks ago