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  • Funny Awesome 1 month ago

    Thank you for watching, everyone enjoyed the baby video with old family

  • Catherine Poole 1 month ago

    At 5:58 those dumbass parents are terrorizing those babies. You can see the utter fear on their faces. In case you don't know, because you seem stupid, you're horrible parents.

  • Catherine Poole 1 month ago

    I wish I could punch that idiot right in the throat at 3:36. What a fucking tool

  • Sakura MK62 1 month ago

    Richtig süß !!!

  • Gypsy 1 month ago

    2.58 GROSS!!

  • Daddy Cool 1 month ago

    too much funny.I like it

  • Funny Baby Russian 1 month ago

    Nice videos

  • Top Compilation Time 1 month ago

    Wow good job man love your content, nice video you inspire me to make people laugh so i opened a youtube channel about funny moments go check it out won't regret your decision!!!

  • Rakiah Baker 1 month ago


  • Rebecca Fernandes 1 month ago

    Adorable and cute

  • Itz_amii gacha 1 month ago

    So cute ♥️

  • Little Crazy COZ Hash 1 month ago


  • Bánh Mì Tôm 1 month ago