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happy wheels 2 demo


Prank Jokes


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  • SSSniperWolf 12 hours ago

    hellooooo friends
    would u try any of these???

  • Aod Gacha 11 hours ago


  • Kayla Estevez 10 hours ago

    What happened to the screen at the end

  • vivian boatwright 10 hours ago

    omg one of those happened to me it's like my mom put poppers on the tiolet without me and my brother know and i sat on it it freaking popped in my ear like so freaking loud i was scared like what the f

  • Grand turkey 10 hours ago

    At 9:30 I hope someone isn’t allergic to peanut butter

  • Klaudia Richards 10 hours ago

    I bought it merch. The real merch

  • Ruby A 9 hours ago

    Who be doin these edits bro like what’s with the stretchy stuff 🤔

  • Suzanne Villalobos 8 hours ago

    It's SPONGE cake 😆

  • Jorge Reyes 8 hours ago


  • ThatBillieChickenBOI REE 7 hours ago

    While watching this my parents are playing music and I feel like my dads turning it up just so I have to keep turning my volume up

  • Donkey loves Shrek 6 hours ago

    At the end i was like: hold up is this my computer or…*pauses, scrolls to comments* oh ok goes back to watching video

  • PiggyYouTube 6 hours ago

    Haha Films more April fools pranks a year later uses three of the same pictures 😂😂😂😂

  • _Maleiya77_ 6 hours ago

    The screen i-

  • _Maleiya77_ 6 hours ago

    The screen i-

  • Aashka Patel 6 hours ago

    The video broke

  • Cali Luis 6 hours ago

    2017.ur favorite messy haired youtuber
    2017.its ur best pink died hair youtuber

  • My mom is clumsy af! She wore flip flops to drop me off at sleep away camp three times in a row!!

  • Ana Velasco 5 hours ago

    No shit he likes pizza he chunis

  • Janila Ford 4 hours ago

    Your video messed up at the end

  • Emily Garcia 3 hours ago

    I remember that about like last week Or last month and went to like a gas station and the ladies room was out of order so my dad told me to just go in the men’s and when I came out this man just kept staring at me