Clash Royale – Funny Moments & Glitches & Fails #16

In this video I have shown up all the funny moments I have had .If you do have any replay or ideas then do Gmail me

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  • Clash Gamers 1 year ago

    Send Me Your Replays on This Gmail
    My Gmail ID:-
    Music ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇
    1) 0:07 :- Arman Cekin – California Dreaming ft. Paul Rey
    2) 0:18 :- Queen – Don't Stop Me Now
    3) 0:33 :- Henry Gallagar – Will Lighting Strike Me Twice
    4) 1:00 :- Lily Allen – Fuck You
    5) 1:19 :- Midnight Star – Follow The Path
    6) 1:51 :- Marshmello – Alone
    7) 2:06 :- The Sound Of Silence (Original Version From 1964)
    8) 2:20 :- Enrique Iglesias – Dirty Dancer ft.Lil Wayne
    9) 3:06 :- AWOLNATION – Run
    10) 3:27 :- Katy Perry – California Gurls ft.Snoop Dogg

  • Biswajit mahanta 1 year ago

    i have a sparky double hit video that happened to me 10 minutes ago in my last match shall i send it to u

  • Hilario Garcia 1 year ago

    Hey guys I'm selling my clash royal account arena 10 and 6 legendary cards! Take a look

  • Hilario Garcia 1 year ago

    Hey guys I'm selling my clash royal account arena 10 and 6 legendary cards!

  • Efe Enes Yalçın 1 year ago

    1.50 song ?

  • Efe Enes Yalçın 1 year ago

    what is name of song
    at 2.00

  • Bhagti Putra 1 year ago

    this a bitch and crazy what the fuck

  • Hector 96761 1 year ago


  • The _ Chubby _ Games 1 year ago

    song of the minute1:59?

  • Диванный Аналитик 1 year ago

    like ghost of pekka 0:20

  • Nuzul Bopuh 1 year ago

    i will sent asap

  • William Wow 1 year ago

    the pekka's ghost 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alex Gaming 1 year ago I hope You will Like IT !

  • Xmanos V 1 year ago

    3:20 song?

  • Lp_ edde 1 year ago

    Nice Video

  • AfecIsCool 1 year ago

    good reply

  • Adjie Putra 1 year ago

    in 0:23 is nice he use clone to pekka like a ghost

  • DaniWork 1 year ago

    Hola Amigo Soy Nuevo En Tu Canal Por favor Saludame

  • Wiradj Thakoer 1 year ago

    i like your videos + plus is funny can watch allday

  • Daer 1 year ago

    3:06 music pls