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happy wheels 2 demo


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  • kyeewaiiisland 24 1 year ago
  • Eliz Behnke 1 year ago

    Is it "fan heart attack" at 8:14?

  • ilike pi 1 year ago

    this is the hardest try not to laugh challenge ever

  • Shruti Penumarti 1 year ago

    Btob is like the only band that doesn't care about their image. They are always themselves and don't have the generic "perfect guy" image. They're just so genuine. That's why though they might not be the most popular group, melodies are very loyal to them. It's really cool. Btob has been my favorite group for so long because I can't find any other group who has such wierd, dorky, fearless members.

  • Anna ships VKOOK 1 year ago

    I die in 8:22

  • Ika Kml 1 year ago

    That 9:53 moments 😂😂😂

  • Sara B.J 1 year ago

    5:35 anyone know what show and what ep is?

  • Lagi Salevi 1 year ago

    I had to give my cat away today and it broke my heart but watching btob def makes me feel a bit better

  • MM 미미 1 year ago

    5:41 who is she?

  • Arin BF Handayani 1 year ago


  • Indriani Septinia 1 year ago

    Did anyone know who's eat with sungjae at 12:53 ???

  • nabilla ns 1 year ago

    Wahhh ada yg bareng jo twins

  • leehuiyu2009 1 year ago

    anyone know the song name in 10.49?

  • Jimin's Long Lost Jams 1 year ago

    who is she at 5:39?? i never saw that clip before 🙂

  • Grace Choi 1 year ago

    The title says "BTOB crazy time" but BTOB is really crazy 24/7 by their songs and in EVERYTHING… what kind of kpop idol talks about getting scolded for talking about porn in their video

  • Thessalonica Febriani 1 year ago

    part 2 please 😂

  • *Trash Of The K-Pop* 1 year ago

    I'm wheezing,they don't care about their image. I'm in love lmao.

  • Andry Yan 1 year ago

    Weirdness level :
    Eunkwang 10
    Chansub 9
    Sungjae 8
    Minhyuk 7
    Ilhoon 6
    Hyunsik & Peniel : 3

  • Tae Time 1 year ago

    what the song at 1:26 ?