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Get ready for all new episodes of AFV! Season 29 premieres on Sunday, September 30th at 7/6c on ABC Television Network!

To celebrate the premiere of America’s Funniest Home Videos 29th Season – [!!!] – we put together some of our favorite prize-winning videos! A goat that makes weird noises, an accidental cup crime, a recovery room rambler, and the invisible rope ruse! (+ many more).

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happy wheels 2 demo

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  • Kanoni Xii 1 month ago

    The zakari kid go’s to my school. Fr brother

  • Kelvin Durango 1 month ago

    The one at 4:10 was actually kinda hard to watch. Kid just thought both her parents died

  • Cronexe 1 month ago

    13:44 why would anyone laugh 🙁

  • fishtail 1 month ago

    4:03 😂

  • Adam Ali 1 month ago

    That cat kept hitting her hair because it saw nits

  • Kira Zotigh 1 month ago

    I killed Bo!!😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂
    "My life is PERFECT!" wish i could say the same man:( jp.. Its alr

  • Ashley Dawnhurricane 1 month ago

    Are we not going to talk about how the third video has a sign in the background that says no video lmao

  • tektonnic gaming 1 month ago

    The second one got me so hard and I almost died.

  • Warrior 1 month ago

    1:15 good drugs doctor👌👌

  • New Hacking Fixing Problems 1 month ago

    That girl is crying is JUST ICE CALL 9-11

  • Ms Gee 1 month ago

    when the cat hit her on the head i fell out like its so funny LOL

  • Datha sai babu Maheswaram 1 month ago
  • Iwillsubtoyouifyousubback 1 month ago

    6:31 When you gotta shred your papers but the shredder's all the way upstairs.

  • Ichijirou 1 month ago

    4:24 When spiderman still doesnt know how to swing

  • Hazardous Duck 1 month ago

    9:45 had me in tears honestly one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen

  • Tyler DeMamiel 1 month ago

    Me at 10:30 thinking about that test I didnt study for

  • roxana borras 1 month ago

    Leave your entries in the subreddit bros and ill watch submissions in the next episode of LWAIY

  • Gilbert Rocks 1 month ago

    0:47 and on this dude is having the best day of his life

  • cool dude loves YouTube 1 month ago

    anyone August 2019 ??

  • Gerard Beukes 1 month ago

    0:41 Forgets he has a chair at home
    0:49 forgot that he has a mom
    1:02 remembers he has a dad as well
    1:09 remembers he has two sisters too
    1:20 forgets he has a dog