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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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happy wheels 2 demo

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  • Jo Lu 26 mins ago

    I love this Show

  • Kirk Davis 3 mins ago

    You're doing Canada right! Very funny!

  • chinna a 18 mins ago

    I don’t like this video explosions sound make disturbing to animal and birds

  • jesse Valadez 53 mins ago

    that ass tho?

  • Aman Kumar 1 hour ago

    5:34 When Ron Weaselly uses his wand.

  • Ariel Gideon 2 hours ago

    9:05 she's into it.

  • prasanth jacky 3 hours ago

    Funny exclusive

  • slaywee 3 hours ago

    8:43 to 8:58 lol that scene looks just like in movies and the editing well done with cowboy and the intense scene build up

  • Look_around 4 hours ago

    Explosion with a big boom.

  • Easy Mathematics 4 hours ago

    The laughing in the background is awesome at some moments. 😀

  • Daeng ucup 4 hours ago

    1:17 its a fake bro. I see that same girl in another prank..

  • Pacific Krypt 5 hours ago

    3:11 Samsung Galaxy Note 7

  • master zeiss 5 hours ago

    galaxy bomb by Samsung

  • Hamza Khan 6 hours ago


  • Mary Morstan 7 hours ago

    надя дэвид красотка

  • Ismaili Perez 7 hours ago


  • tscharli randali 7 hours ago

    I love it

  • Timexy Emerald 7 hours ago

    Don't worry the maniquen was paid hitler

  • John Crescent Pacabis 8 hours ago

    million of ant died of this video.

  • John Crescent Pacabis 8 hours ago

    Don't scare old peoples on that