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Top 10 best japanese pranks part 1
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happy wheels 2 demo


Prank Jokes


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  • James TwentySeven 2 years ago

    Oh my god, they are afraid of a dino? How naive can they be…

  • Farren Slade 2 years ago

    Japanese do the best pranks!

  • Kory Teruya 2 years ago

    Just so you know…these people are all celebritys. Not random people.

  • Cyanimator 2 years ago


  • Mr. แง่ม แง่ม คุง 2 years ago

    Ok I Undersatnd Make in Japan LOL

  • Estrella Santos 2 years ago

    1:54 Armin what are you doing here.

  • crystopher kelvin 2 years ago


  • Gerald So 2 years ago

    that dinosaur is so damn real despite the legs lolollol

  • tazz lewis 2 years ago

    this was awesome!! definitely made my morning 😊 who is the guy at 3:13? he's cute 😻

  • Revulsion OK 2 years ago

    They don't make pranks like these anymore… 🙁

  • Andrew Tornadoboy 2 years ago

    It's sad that here in America lawyers and political correctness slavery have destroyed these kinds of pranks, now you can't even look at someone the wrong way without having your life ruined

  • MhanMhan Lagang 2 years ago

    nice pranks ilove Japanese prank so much entertaining.. I'm Filipino

  • stimul8 2 years ago

    If I saw a Japanese girl jump out of a wall and come at me… she better be ready to get poked between the legs.

  • Kuro Maze 2 years ago

    Event in 1080p… the video still blur

  • 18boweraf3 2 years ago

    I have seen some episodes of the last prank before with two Japanese idols.

  • Rat Man 2 years ago

    Japanese girls are cute.

  • EDSON ADNARIM 2 years ago

    6:25 getting ready to run!

  • Toribio Hechanova 2 years ago

    Japan is the prank capital of the world! They should do prank tourism.

  • stienerrecliner 2 years ago

    Do Japanese people just walk around in sailor moon outfits on the daily?

  • Laivojen Tietopankki 2 years ago

    What music first?